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How to Make Your Home A Stress-Free Zone

Posted by Sierra Soleimani on

stress-free zone

Your home is your happy place. Your home can have an impact on your mood, productivity levels and your overall outlook on life. When you put the work into making your home something that makes YOU happy, you will feel more relaxed and happy with your life. Here are 10 simple things you can do to make your home a happier place.

  1. Natural Light
  2. Sunlight has been proven to have many aesthetic and health benefits. Researchers at the Lighting Research Center found that naturally lit environments increase productivity, comfort and mental and visual stimulation (to regulate circadian rhythms). Move your furniture around to ensure that your windows are not blocked and you are maximizing your home’s natural light.

  3. Plants
  4. Having plants all around your home comes with many health benefits. They purify your air for better breathing, promote faster recovery from illness and can improve concentrations and memory retention. There is also a theory called the biophilia hypothesis that suggests that there is an instinctive bond between humans and nature.

  5. Pets
  6. For me, nothing is more therapeutic than my cat sitting on my lap while reading a good book. Petting her and hearing her purr is somehow very soothing. Science agrees too! According to research from the University of Missouri-Columbia, a few minutes of petting can signal your brain to release serotonin and oxytocin - the chemicals in our brains that make us feel relaxed.

  7. Paint Color
  8. Color has an amazing effect on humans and is a powerful tool that can set the entire mood for a room.

    stress free zone

  9. Tidy Up
  10. A clean mind starts with a clean home. It’s hard to think straight when you are surrounded by chaos. Take the time to organized your environment and part ways with the things you simply do not use. My rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it or used in a year, you don’t need it.

  11. Purge the Paper
  12. After a long day of work, you walk through the door, drop your keys and mail on the counter and go straight into “de-work” mode. Avoid the paper pile ups and spend a few minutes to throw away the junk and organize your bills and important mail. Consider purchasing (or making) a mail organizer for the letters that need your attention.