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Dental Injuries Increase As A Result Of St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's day is known for it's many traditions: green beer, skirts, parades and pinching. Going to the dentist is a new one being added to the list. According to data from CNBC, there is a 64% increase in emergency dental visits the day after St. Patrick's Day. [Click to Tweet] So, why the sudden explosions [...]

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Why the Perforations?

Have you looked at a  SOVA Night guard and wondered, "what's up with these little holes?" No other nighttime  mouthguard has holes in it. So, why the perforations?The little holes in SOVA Guards serve three important functions: They make the material stronger, similar to how support systems function for a bridge. When you intensely grind your teeth, [...]

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Fitting Your SOVA Night Guard With Braces

One of unique features of the SOVA guard is it's ability to be fitted with braces. But, STOP RIGHT THERE. Put down the mouthguard and step away from the hot water. Now go back and carefully re-read the instructions, or, follow our recommendation and get your guard fitted by the orthodontist.You are a [...]

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​Don't Let Bruxism Get In The Way Of A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is one of the most critical factors in overall health. A recent study by the National Sleep foundation found that 35% of those surveyed said they get less than the recommended seven or more hours of sleep a night. In honor of National Sleep Awareness week, we want to help you break down the barriers [...]

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5 Reasons You Shouldn't Dread Going to The Dentist

I used to be so afraid of going to the dentist that I put off going for a couple years. It wasn’t until my gums were inflamed and causing me pain that I actually went to go see the dentist. I am not alone. In fact, an estimated 75% of Americans experience fear or anxiety when [...]

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10 Bedtime Habits That Ruin Your Beauty Sleep

Troubles sleeping? You’re not alone. Over 58% of people have sleeping disorders and problems sleeping. You need your sleep in order to function efficiently the following day and there's many other benefits that you may not be aware of. Here are some habits that could be getting in the way of your beauty sleep. Sleep Schedule We [...]

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I Know I Should Wear a Mouthguard for Night Grinding, But....

Whatever your excuse, try to overcome it. Let’s face it, wearing a night grinding guard is not the sexiest look, but the decision is more complex than that. Here is what night grinding can do to your teeth.Bruxism is the medical term that refers to the forceful grinding and clenching of your teeth. This could [...]

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5 Natural Supplements That Help Relieve Pain

This may be a feeling many of you know all too well. You wake up from a mediocre night’s sleep, rub your eyes, spit out your night guard, and there it is. Your day begins with pain. All you know, is that you want it to stop. Lucky for you, there are some easy and [...]

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Best Tea for Stress and Anxiety

For thousands of years, tea has been used for meditation (religious ceremonies), medication and relaxation. It goes back over 5,000 years as a medication and 1,000 as a beverage. Nature’s Xanax, as I like to call it. Nothing is more relaxing than ending my day with a hot cup of green tea (that’s my favorite). [...]

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The Do's And Don'ts Of Nightguard Care

Like your car, your pet or significant other, mouthguards need some TLC too. Your mouthguard will last you a lot longer if you take proper care of it. Here is a list of DO's and DON'T's that will ensure your guard's peak performance.Do CleanA mouth guard is the ultimate habitat for microorganisms to live [...]

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