Posted by Lisa Edwards on Dec 14th 2016

5 Reasons to Try An Over-The-Counter Night Mouthguard

When it comes to bruxism, the best thing you can do for yourself is to address what is causing you to grind your teeth in the first place (stress, sleep apnea, medication). This can take several doctors visits and rarely provides an immediate solution. So in the meantime, it’s important to wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth from potential damage of grinding. 

Finding the best night guard doesn’t have to break the bank or be uncomfortable. There are many over the counter solutions that could work for you. Here’s why you should consider an over the counter night (OTC) mouthguard….

  1. Low Cost
  2. A custom made night guard from the dentist can cost anywhere from $300-$900. That’s a hefty investment for something you constantly chew on. While it’s very important to have a mouthguard that is custom fitted to your teeth, there are over the counter mouthguards that allow you to get that same custom fit.

  3. No Guarantees
  4. If you buy a custom made guard, most dental offices offer no replacement warranty. So, if you find yourself unable to wear the Night Guard because it makes you gag you are left with a very expensive piece of non usable plastic.There are many warranties out there, so it is important to do your research. Every SOVA Night Guard provides 120 days durability warranty.

  5. Insurance May Not Cover You
  6. Many dental insurance policies only cover one occlusal guard in a lifetime. So, if it is a replacement guard you are looking for, an over the counter guard could be the most affordable solution.

  7. An Immediate Solution
  8. Relief from the pain and potential dental damage of night grinding sometimes cannot wait the week or two that it takes to process a custom made night guard. OTC night guards can be fit in the comfort of your home in less than 3 minutes. 

  9. Comfort
  10. With so many uncomfortable choices out there, it is important to find the one that offers a true custom comfort fit. Noncompliance is a huge problem with people wearing night guards. Mouthguards are bulky which can trigger drooling and gagging reflexes. In many cases, they end up gathering dust on the the night table.  

The bottom line is that teeth grinding can cause serious damage your teeth. It is important to find the solution that works for you. 


There are certain conditions such as as jaw alignment, TMJ, teeth misalignment, etc which require a custom made Dental Night Guard. A visit to your dentist will help determine which night guard (dental guard) type is best suited for your needs. The SOVA Night Guard suggested in this article protects the teeth and dental work from wear caused by basic teeth grinding and jaw clenching.