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​Identifying Signs of Stress

Consider a day in the life: it’s 8:05 and your morning alarm is muffled by the aquamarine color-of-the-season decorative pillows you insisted on buying. You have three missed calls and nine emails- two from your boss and the rest from the daily horoscope you have neglected to read for a few days. You’re five minutes [...]

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13 Habits that Wreck Your Teeth

My dentist once told me, "Your goal should be to die with your own teeth." I thought that would be a pretty easy goal until I found out that  25% of Americans over the age of 65 have lost all of their permanent teeth. There's many every day habits that reduce the life expectancy of our [...]

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How to Help a Child With Bruxism

For the little crises our children face –scraped knees, growing pains, the common cold, we instinctively know the solutions. We have endless bowls of chicken noodle soup to cure a case of the sniffles. But when it comes to the 36.8% of preschoolers who reported grinding their teeth, there seems to be a lack of [...]

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My Dog Ate My Night Guard, Now What?

They are soft, fluffy and irresistible. They are your best friend and are always there to greet you at the front door. Aaaand… in addition to eating your homework, or your favorite pair of slippers, they can’t resist the temptation of chomping on your nightguard. Dogs love ‘em. In fact, dogs are attracted to the saliva, [...]

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​Which Mouthguard is the Best for Nighttime Grind Protection?

Any night grinder would tell you that bruxism is neither romantic nor pretty. Yet, about 16% of the US adult population grinds their teeth. While there is no known cure for bruxism, it is important to protect your teeth from a night of grinding. There are a few different mouthguard options, and it is important [...]

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Introducing SOVA Night Guard

After months of hard work, dedication and collaboration, we are delighted to officially announce the launch of our brand new  website. We hope you find it techy, clean and easy to access and, of course, helpful in your to discovery of the best nighttime grind protection. Our goal with our new website is to provide customers with [...]

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