When Should You Replace Your Night Guard?

Posted by Sierra Soleimani on Jan 3rd 2018

When Should You Replace Your Night Guard?

As something that you chew on every single night, night guards can really take a beating. In fact, those who grind their teeth unconsciously at night can put 250 pounds (or more) of pressure on their molars. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and night guards eventually need replacing. So, how do you know when to replace it?

All mouthguards vary in type, brand, material, and durability, so some may last longer than others. How long a night guard lasts also depends on the severity of your bruxism. Regardless, always replace your guard immediately if:

  • You notice any cracked or tears
  • It starts to fray
  • The shape is deformed
  • It doesn't cover the chewing surfaces of your teeth

Clean Your Night Guard

You can increase the lifespan of your mouthguard by taking good care of it. Night guard maintenance is something that most people forget about, but it's an important part of your bedtime or morning routine. Bacteria love the dark and moist environment of your guard, which is why you should sanitize it after every use. There's many ways to clean your mouth guard. The simplest way is with some good ol' soap and water. When you're done, dry it then store it in a case.

How does that ancient saying go? "Take care of your mouthguard and your night guard will take care of you." That's right. With regular care and cleaning, your night guard will last longer.

All SOVA Night Guards come with a 120 day durability warranty. If your night guard is showing serious signs of wear within 120 days of purchase, we will replace it.