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8 Gifts for Stress Relief

Posted by Lisa Edwards on

If this time of year has someone you love feeling stressed out, we found some wonderful gift ideas for you. While there are numerous techniques and procedures to reduce the amount of stress in our lives, sometimes it can be very effective to have a stress relieving tool. Here are a few we like...


  • Vibrating Foot Warmer
    An instant escape is yours to enjoy at any moment. Just slide both feet in and switch it on for a soothing treat at the end of a long work day, relaxing on the couch, sitting at your desk—anytime you need a little extra pampering. Built-in heating helps further relieve tension and fatigue.

  • Bath Bomb Gift Set
    Treat your loved one and calm the senses. Handmade Fizzers Bath bombs contains 6 Unique Experiences. Relaxation (Lavender) , Detox (Vanilla) , Energize (Grapefruit), De-stress, Sinus(Peppermint), Congestion Relief (Eucalyptus).

    Eye Mask

  • Sleep Mask
    Contoured design allows complete freedom of movement to open and shut the eyes, while keeping the wearer comfortably inside a curtain of darkness. Great for air travel, daytime sleep, etc.

    Bath Pillow

  • Luxury Bath Pillow
    Target the soothing massage to your head, neck and shoulders, or all over with the two invigorating vibration massage settings. Use low for relaxing or high for penetrating the tension away from your muscles. The memory foam pillow wrapped in luxurious soft touch micro-fiber fabric conforms to your body.

    Foot Bath

  • Footbath
    Treat your feet to the perfect pedicure in the comfort of your own home with luxurious foot baths featuring soothing heat, gentle vibration and refreshing bubbles.

    Sova Night Guard

  • SOVA Night Guard
    Does stress cause you to clench your teeth all day long? Break the habit and protect your teeth from damage caused by clenching with a grinding guard.

    Yogi Bedtime Tea

  • Yogi Bedtime Tea
    Relax and unwind with a cup of Bedtime tea. With the Flavors of Licorice, Cardamom and Cinnamon add delicious warming flavor that's just right for drinking before bedtime.

    Floatation Spa Experience

  • Floatation Spa Experience
    While floating peacefully atop water that is saturated with mineralized salts, experiencing both buoyancy and weightlessness, the relaxation induced is said to be utterly profound.

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