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How To Reduce Stress With Better Organization

Posted by Lisa Edwards on

"A place for everything, everything in its place" - Benjamin Franklin

Clutter, mental or physical, creates stress and diminishes creativity. When these everyday stressors of life begin to take over, there are many things you can do to take to help yourself regain control. Your ability to maintain self-control in stressful situations will not only be well-received by family and/or coworkers, but you will also free your mind to be more productive and creative. Here are some suggestions for reducing stress on the job and at home.

  1. Use a calendar
    Having a calendar is the most essential step to managing your daily activities. While paper calendars are still widely used, an online calendar allows you to sync it to your mobile phone and other devices – that way, you can access your schedule no matter where you are.
  2. Highlight deadlines
    Mark the deadlines clearly in your calendar. Use a bright color to make them stand out even more.
  3. Set reminders
    Most calendars have a reminder function. If you’ve an important meeting to attend, set that alarm 15 minutes before.
  4. Spend time organizing
    At home, clean the refrigerator, sort mail, hang clothes...At work, organize your desk, sort email...15 minutes a day can make a huge difference over time.
  5. Make a sorting system 
    Papers can quickly accumulate. Sort them into categories. For example: to do, to read, to file. Now, refer to #4 use the 15 minutes as mentioned above once or twice a week to sort your papers. I like IKEA  for all kinds of organizational tools.
  6. Download a Money Management Tool
    Download an app or software that helps you plan, budget and organize all of your personal finances in one spot. Quicken is my favorite tool for this. 
  7. Centralize Passwords
    Keep passwords in a secure safe location, I have a password protected google doc. Yes, you will need to memorize one password to make this system work.
  8. Closet Efficiency
    Martha calls it the golden rules of closet efficiency.  There are many items to consider, but she recommends reassessing regularly; every six months to be exact. Be honest with yourself about whether things fit, or you like them or you'll ever wear them again. Get those big black garbage bags and fill them up with your gently used items and take them to a local charity. 

There are many more organizational tips out there.  In fact, there are people who make a living in organizing other people's lives.  Start small, master these great eight and go from there.  If you are not pleased with your results, I know your boss will be.