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How To Avoid Painful Dental Impressions

Chances are you’ve had dental impressions. However, if you are one of the 10 million people suffering from orofacial pain, impressions could actually cause you more pain. A dental impression is an imprint of your mouth which is used to make custom fit appliances like retainers or mouthguards. To make this impression, a dentist will fill [...]

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​Is my night guard safe? The importance of staying clear from BPA

Protecting your teeth is the only option until you get to the root of what is causing this bruxism. There are many choices available over the counter, but one thing you want to be certain of is that the material your night guard is made of is free of harmful chemicals. BPA bisphenol-A [...]

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How Does a Night Mouthguard Work?

You may be wondering how a piece of plastic is supposed to relieve the pain and damage that night grinding, or bruxism, can cause. In fact, night guards have been shown to be extremely helpful tools for protecting your teeth from the harmful, night grinding forces. The first thing to understand about night guards is that [...]

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7 Tips to Reduce Stress for Better Sleep

If reading our last post about bruxism, or night grinding, made you anxious to glean prevention strategies, look no further. First of all -- stop being anxious! Easier said than done, right? Bruxism, as we mentioned last time, is a largely anxiety or stress-induced condition. Chronic stress causes muscles to tense up which leads to the upper [...]

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Specific Bruxism Vs. Non-Specific Bruxism

While most people may not recognize the medical definition of Bruxism, many are familiar with the symptoms of this condition. Bruxism is the involuntary grinding of the teeth. It can occur during the day, but it most commonly occurs during sleep. Bruxism is one of the most common sleep disorders, with an estimated 8-10% of the [...]

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​Wakey Achey: Are Your Teeth Sore In The Morning? This Might Be Why

The early morning blues are a broadly familiar tune. Even the most indefatigable 6 AM­ riser suffers from the occasional unwelcome jolt of an alarm in the middle of that particularly sunny beach dream. But what about a dull ache in the jaw or tooth accompanied by a slight, unexplained headache? If the latter is what tends to greet you [...]

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How are Bruxism and Sleep Apnea Related?

If you go to the dentist because of suspected bruxism, chances are they’re going to recommend a night guard. While you definitely need to have a night guard to protect your teeth from grinding, it’s just the first step of treating bruxism. To treat bruxism you must go beyond the night guard and address what is [...]

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​What is a Bite Guard?

You say "po-tay-to" and I say "po-tah-to",. A bite guard is a mouthguard, is a night grinding guard, is a stress guard, is a teeth guard, is a dental guard, is a night guard. One and the same. So, no matter what you call it, it’s purpose is to protect your teeth from [...]

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​6 Most Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Bruxism and TMJ

Night grinders who suffer long term effects of grinding their teeth (bruxism) can also experience TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) disorder. Let’s take a look at some questions that are commonly asked by night grinders regarding bruxism and TMJ.What is Bruxism? Bruxism is a condition in which you grind, gnash or clench your teeth. If you have bruxism, [...]

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What can you do to stop grinding your teeth at night?

Once you’ve been diagnosed with bruxism, your first question might be, “what can I do to stop it?”. Unfortunately, there is no pill that specifically prevents you from grinding your teeth at night. However, there are several treatments and devices that can help you control symptoms and prevent damage to your teeth.Address the Root Cause The [...]

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